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First Demo!!!

2010-01-30 11:32:20 by EarAction

Our first Demo is On-Line on MySpace!
It's a very early demo as we like to call it. Everything is bad 'bout it: the quality (fucked up by SZ's cord, and by MySpace), the guitar and bass seem off-pitch (fucked up by the fact that we could only record one instrument at a time), the drums (fucked up by the fact that they were programmed, 'cause we haven't got recording equipment for drums) and the ending (fucked up by not being the ending). The song is ok, however XP

- TA (Drums, which you can't hear, 'cause they were programmed, fuck)

Here's a Link, but you should've been able to figure this:

EDIT: soon however, we will probably upload 2 more songs, and the first song in WAY better quality.
This is the the album cover down here.

First Demo!!!

We Rise

2010-01-28 19:11:54 by EarAction

WTF is that noise?
Yes folks, a new band has come into the world, inspired by Primus we follow in their footsteps.
May our music FUCK your ears up in a good way.


(TN, SZ and TA are the different members of EA)

You can find us on YouTube and MySpace under exactly the same name.